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Authentic Scotch as opposed to Whisky Blend

Scotch is an internationally protected brand that belongs to Scotland. No whisky other than Scottish whisky can be called Scotch. Whisky is the English translation of 'usky'; often you will find whisky written with an 'e' as whiskey, which is Irish whiskey. This distinction between Scotch whisky and whiskey ensures that when you buy single scotch you truly have a Scottish product. Single Scotch is part of the Whisky Galore Online Company's advertising and brand development.

At Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky we specialise in Scotch whisky, focusing on the single malt whisky and Grain Whiskys. We do not believe in blending good quality whisky that has matured over time. Whisky must be over three years old to be called Scotch; most often young whisky at the age of three years is used to be blended.

Single Scotch whisky captures the spirit of Scotland. It is the quality of the water that makes Scotch whisky stand apart from other global whiskies. The diversity of the landscape gives a very distinctive variation in taste due to the water from each of the four whisky producing regions that includes Speyside, the Highlands, Lowlands and the Islands. This diversification in Scotch whisky is what attracts the connoisseurs interest to Single Scotch.

The demand for Scotch whisky is forever increasing within the global whiskey markets as many people are looking for a special and affordable gift. At Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky we specialise in limited batches of Singe Scotch. The quantity we bottle may be less but the enjoyment will be far greater as the product is limited to a single cask. To extend your enjoyment of the whisky we advise that you add specifically mineral water from the region from where your whisky has been distilled, ensuring the taste remains unblemished.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky records each casks origin on the front of the label, listing the region, cask type, cask number and alcohol content. This ensures that you may trace your purchase back to the area of origin as a pure Single Scotch Malt Whisky.

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