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Blended Whisky Explained

Blended Scotch Whisky artwork

Whisky Blend is part of the Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky Company's advertising and brand development. Whisky can only be commercially called Scotch once the whisky has aged for three years or more in Scotland. Young whisky is most often used for blending to achieve a consistent taste. Caramel colorants are added to give colour to what would be a very pail coloured whisky. Not only is the colour of the whisky controlled but also the volume of alcohol by adding grain whisky or common vodka to reduce the alcohol content to 40%. Only once aged does the whisky gain colour and absorb the flavours contained within the wood and the environment surrounding the casks.

When you visit a bonded warehouse containing whisky you will appreciate that each cask breaths, allowing 1-2% of volume to evaporate each year, known as the 'angles share' of the whisky. This you can taste as you breathe in the vapours. Many of the Scottish distilleries provide tours of their stills and warehouses, so if you are planning a visit to Scotland, take time and visit one of the distilleries.

Blended Whisky is commonly available, but at Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky we focus on the Single Scotch. We do not tamper with the whisky, we supply the original product contained within the cask. No two casks are the same.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky ltd., is promoting Single Scotch whisky in small and bespoke gift sized bottles. Our slogan is 'Drink responsibly and value Life'. Our whisky is bottled at cask strength i.e. 40-70% Vol. For this reason we will only supply 50cl bottles for public sale. Whisky can be bought as an investment or for personal enjoyment, for whatever reason we supply a quality connoisseurs' product.

The only Blended whisky that we stock are those that are discontinued and are of interest for collectors to add to their collection or to enjoy knowing that the supply is limited.

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