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Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky fountain pen

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky: Hand Crafted Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are a new addition to our online shop at Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky. The fountain pens are handcrafted in Suffolk England, only using the finest quality materials. The workmanship is second to none. Handcrafted pens are different to any other pen you will find elsewhere. Our connoisseurs’ range of executive pens in stock, but also offer a bespoke service if you were to choose a different type of wood or style.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky’s reputation is based on quality, we therefore ensure every effort is made to source the correct materials are used by our suppliers to meet our standard.

The most important part of the fountain pen is the ‘nib’, originally designed by Mutschler in Germany it was made of Iridium steel and inscribed as’ Iridium Point Germany’ (on the nib). The German IPG steel nibs are made of a defined Austenit steel that is none magnetic. The formula of the alloy ingredients that form the Supra steels is known as V4A which is defined by its none magnetic properties. Although the nibs are still inscribed ‘Iridium Point Germany’ they are now made in Slovenia, as Mutschler went out of business in 2003 and their production machines were sold after filing for bankruptcy. There are still stock piles of Mutschler nib fountain pens being traded between vendors and collectors, but our assurance is that the nib is made of a none conductive steel as originally designed by Mutschler. Where the source is from the original stock or new from Slovenia, the quality is still the same, as the machines used to make the nibs has not changed only the location.

The pens that we sell are for the discerning collector as is our choice of available whiskies. We would hope a combination of Scotch whisky and a fountain pen will be appreciated long after the enjoyment of the whisky.

Choosing our handcrafted fountain pen as a gift shows class and elegance. The wooden fountain pens are hand vanished and polished, only rhodium plated components are used on the body, for long lasting use.

All fountain pens come with a medium nib that can be changed to be fine or, extra fine at a later date or if specified at the time of the order no charge will be made for changing the nib, however if requested after dispatch or used, prior to return a small charge will be requested. All pens sold come with a signed card of authenticity.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky’s handcrafted pens will rival any other pen maker. Our pens are all unique and with a choice of wood to choose from will make a gift to last long after the Scotch whisky has been enjoyed.

Types of wood that can be chosen include: American White Oak, Yellow Pine, Mahogany, Iroko and Pink Beech. (Please email for availability as these are made to order, only the Mahogany fountain pen is what we hold in stock).

Weight of the fountain pen

  • Weight of the fountain pen 66grams
  • Weight of the fountain pen without the cap is 33 grams (the cap screws on and off and is not attached to the pen when writing)

Sale of the fountain pen includes:

  • Signed card of authenticity
  • The metal components are rhodium for a long lasting use
  • The nib is a medium point and of genuine German design
  • A refillable cartridge is included and one disposable cartridge
  • Black velvet pen pouch
Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky: Hand Crafted Fountain Pen

John & Jenny Tuffen, - Hand Crafted Pens

This work of art was hand cut, hand sanded, hand shaped, hand finished, hand polished, hand waxed, and hand buffed. It would make an awesome showpiece for any office or make a great gift pen for someone very special.

I make each one of my custom pens by hand on a lathe, spending all the time necessary to make a perfect professional writing pen.