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Stag Knight™ Scotch Whisky

Stag Knight™ Beer from the producers of Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky

Stag Knight™ is a protected trade name that is owned by the founder of Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky specialising in single scotch malt whisky from the Highland area of Scotland. Stage Knight™ is one of four brands that are being developed by Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky specifically for distinguishing the difference between Malt Whisky from the four main whisky regions within Scotland. The Highland Whisky region is known for its golden colour and peaty flavour.

The purity of the Single Scotch is maintained, as it is not diluted with grain whisky to reduce the alcohol content. The alcohol is the original natural spirit what has matured with the barrel. The strength of the alcohol depends on where the cask was stored within the bonded warehouse, if stored high on the rack, within the warehouse there is more loss of volume and the alcohol content will be of a higher concentration than if stored lower down.

Stag Knight™ is bottled the traditional way, at cask strength, using only selected barrels that have been stored high up within the warehouse. Drunken neat or ideally diluted with a dash of highland mineral water to bring out the flavours, whatever your preference, is truly a enjoyable drink.

Stag Knight™ is only sold as a 'Single Cask', yielding around 225 litre bottles, making it an individual purchase. Each cover label will feature the same image, unlike Smuggles Gold™, however there will be space on the reverse label to add your own name and/or logo. This is a new product line focusing only on private functions, corporate events or wholesale orders, to companies specialising in a specialist Scotch Single Malt Whisky.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky ltd., also supplies the mineral water alongside the whisky to enable the buyer to taste the true experience of the Scotch whisky. We give the buyer the option to purchase the mineral water from the area where the whisky has been sourced to compliment the enjoyment of the whisky, but if not chosen we would recommend that you buy mineral water from an alternative source and not use tap water, or use ice made from tap water.

Tak a wee dram afore ye go

Please remember that this whisky is at cask strength 40-70% ABV and drink responsibly.