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Whisky Labels and Art Work

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky registers its Trade Mark names separately to the images of its labels to enable the company to increase the bespoke range of labels before applying the Trade Mark name to the image. This enables Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky to make products limited in design as well as content. We always retain one item of each product for authenticity.

Ruth Wharrier was commissioned to create the first image of the whisky label for Smugglers Gold™ called Cullan, who is signalling fellow smugglers on the beach below to bring the contraband ashore. The night setting shows dark storm clouds banking up across from the West whilst clear skies in the East allowing moon light to illuminate the beach. Work was edited by Shane Boylan in order to complete the final image based on the sequence of sketches below.

Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky label (Cullan) Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky in a bottle Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky in a bottle

Jeremy Rugge Price painted the Changing of the Guard Boat. We both agreed this image could be a great backdrop as a night smuggling operation. Exchanging goods or liquor by the light and glow of lanterns, produced reflected light (also emitted from the cabin) on to the tranquil sea. The night being calm and dark is ideal for providing cover to move contraband between sailors and smugglers from ship to shore.

Visit to view Jeremy's artwork

Smugglers Gold™ Beer Label Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky in a bottle

Liam Hennessy was commissioned to create our website art of the stag and bagpipes, giving life to an image that many pictures fail to capture. The images were to blend in with the historical sea charts from the 1750's bringing the history of Scotch and the image of barrels together in a nostalgic blend with Scotland. Liam is a modern contemporary artist studying at the University of Essex taking commissions in his own spare time.

Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky Bagpipes on Cask Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky Stag and Barrels

Shane Boylan specialises in picture design and editing, he is consultant to Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky and prepares all of our labels and posters for printing. He has been working in this industry for over 15 years and we are glad to rely on his expertise for preparing our artwork.

Smugglers Gold™ Scotch Whisky embossed gold label Stag Knight™ label

Elin Isakasson is a master glass artist that has her own studio in Alloa outside Sterling in Scotland. She is a consultant to Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky advising on the bespoke Single Pinch bottle, which is to be made in Scotland. At present she is designing a bespoke handmade tear drop bottle as a Special Limited Edition of ten per cask. Elin runs workshops throughout the year, please contact her if you would like to take part. Being able to create large batches of glass bottles a graphite mold is required which is what we are currently working towards, following the same path as John Alicius Haig in the formation of the Dimple bottle that is now word famous.

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