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St Georges Whisky Distillery. Roudham, Norfolk

St Georges Distillery is the first distillery in England to start making whisky on a niche scale for the connoisseur market in December 2006. The first English whisky was made under the supervision of Iain Henderson who helped commission the plant at Roudham Norfolk, pumping water from a vast natural reservoir below, which stretches into Suffolk.

The skills of the whisky making have been passed from Ian Henderson to David Fitt, who follows the traditional method of making whisky without the use of computers. The casks are filled on site and left to mature within the stores belonging to the founders. The casks are recorded in chapters, starting from 2006 to show how the whisky is aging. This unique labeling gives customers the opportunity to follow the production and the aging process of the single malt whisky. The two main types of single malt whisky is the peated and unpeated whisky. The maturing of the whisky does take place at a faster rate in Norfolk than in Scotland due to the warmer climate. However, much depends on where and how the individual kegs have been stored. Their whisky is made by hand without the aid of computers, and then matured in selected oak casks. The whisky is non chill-filtered on site and allows for a separate unique taste as to Scotch whisky.

Gaelic Pure Scotch Whisky focuses predominately on the Scottish Single Malt whiskies and the discontinued blended whisky of Scotland. However, due to the bespoke production and limited edition batches of the 'Founders Private Cellar' we have chosen to follow their continued growth in making whisky. Known as 'The Book' we will stock each Chapter that is produced, but only focus on the St. Georges Single Malt Whisky at cask strength. Please visit our shop to find the latest releases that are in strictly limited supply.